Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Natural Health Answers to Everyday Illness

There are plenty of alternatives to pill popping when you feel the flu setting in. Sometimes just taking precautions against germs will help you stay well. Every once in a while, in spite of your bets efforts those germs get in anyway and leave you feeling like you just got ran over with a truck. It is not a good idea to take a bunch of over the counter medication in the hopes of simply sleeping through your cold or flu. Sure it?s tempting but there are better ways to help yourself feel better and to get over your flu. There are plenty of natural options to help people combat cold and flu symptoms. My favorite is simply working out the right way like doing Ryan Hughes Muscle Matrix but this article has a few more remedies that you should look at.

Onions are great immune system boosters. Combining onions with honey to make syrup is one popular method of curing a cold. Cut an onion up and then, after putting the pieces of the onion into a bowl and pour honey over them. Make sure that the two are mixed well together and let it sit overnight. If you eat some of the mixture every few hours for two or three days the cold should start to fade. Adding some onions to your food every meal is another good idea. They blend in to the taste of just about everything. Salve is also a good natural cure. People use salves to help combat congestion of the head and chest. Salves have a long history of success with healing the cold or fighting the flu because they are made of ingredients that have healing properties. Even if it isn't strictly natural, vaporub is a great salve to use. Healing and getting over the cold or flu can be as simple as rubbing some salve onto your chest overnight.

You have no doubt heard about the way that Echinacea can boost your immune system. Echinacea works by attacking a cold when it is still in its early stages which is why you need to take some as soon as you begin to feel cold or flu symptoms. If you take Echinacea as soon as you feel symptomatic you could keep the cold from taking hold at all. Echinacea can even help you when you?re already well into your cold by making your symptoms weaker and speeding up your healing process. Taking approximately 1200 mgs a day while you?re ill will help you heal. To get the right dosage (taking all 1200 mgs will make you sick) take 400mg supplements three times per day. Herbal remedies and natural help can be wonderful ways to combat the common cold and flu. Why shove a bunch of chemical compounds down your throat when there are other and better ways to help yourself feel better? Don?t reach for the drugs out of habit?choose a healthier method instead. Most importantly, to give your natural healing methods time to work, you need to get lots of rest!

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